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Our Team

Unlike other agencies, we have a unique business model minimising on the variety of staff you need to deal with throughout the course of your property transactions with us.

Whether we're selling, managing your property or flipping between, our  Principal/Licensee in Charge will work closely with you, from the ground level up, ensuring we are across every task with precision.  Behind the scenes of our service is a team of skilled professionals supporting us. 

Our Principal / Licensee 

I moved from Terrigal, (Central Coast) to Pottsville with my family in 2002. I began managing portfolios of up to 160 residential properties from Pottsville to Tweed in 2005. My experience in the industry has been that property management departments can be under-staffed and often seen as the 'under-belly' of the agency. It is an area of expertise most don't have the time nor the energy for. This is where Sealuxe Realty is different. Whether you are an investor, or, looking to sell - our team are 100% focused on driving your success.


Extremely focused and dedicated, we have successfully; organised over 20,000 repairs and maintenance jobs to date, overseen up to $15,000 in major capital works projects, project managed renovations up to $20,000 and completed countless numbers of make-overs ensuring our properties perform best.


I enjoy working closely with our clients on ground level whether that be; assisting tenants to complete their exit inspection tasks, drone inspections, virtual tours, meeting trades onsite to discuss quotes or inspect works, organising maintenance, leasing plans or assisting vendors to flip between permanent rental to sale and vice versa.


 Kristy Cameron

Selling Principal/Property Manager

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