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Choosing The Right Agent Is Key

Property Management over the years has become a time consuming minefield for all parties involved. If not managed correctly, it can cost thousands of dollars in damages or property vacancy that insurance doesn't always cover. This is where a highly experienced Property Manager comes into play.


Our clients receive professional advice on legislation and tenancy laws. Every i is dotted and every t is crossed so that you are guaranteed of what should be an exciting and rewarding investment experience.


We now live in the digital age of society where service is instant. We strive to meet that same expectation of instant service delivery and will work tirelessly in doing so. If not, your investment could be left behind or not perform to full potential.


As we are a boutique agency, we tailor our service. We do this by not out-sourcing or segmenting the majority of important aspects of property management roles between various staff and offices.


Being in the industry since 2005, it is evident that the success of your property ultimately relies on the individual agent and quality of support systems available, not a shop front. 


We are 100% focused on your success - this is our commitment to you.

rental smoke alarm compliance rules laws kingscliff pottsville casuarina

Smoke Alarms

depreciation house tax bmt pottsville casuarina kingscliff

BMT Tax Depreciation

house property insurance terri scheer pottsville casuarina kingscliff

Terri Scheer Landlord Insurance

pool rules laws compliance rental house pottsville kingscliff casuarina

Swimming Pools & Spas



tweed shire council water usage bill property pottsville kingscliff casuarina

Rates & Water Notices

holiday letting rules laws accommodation stra real estate agent pottsville kingscliff

Short Term Rental Accommodation

New Investors

New Investors

how to change real estate pottsville kingscliff casuarina banora lease

Maximising Your Investment

Market Free Appraisal

Allow us to maximise your investment property by getting in touch via the form below. 

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